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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 28, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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defeat. we'll soon know where the candidates are financially and brit hume's analysis and talk live in studio with afl-cio president, richard trumka. this is special report. i'm bret baier. the president is about to leave denver, at a high school to push the stimulus plan. he departed the city on a high of his own, riding a wave of optimism and popularity. things are much different now. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports from denver. >> reporter: after a long night of hollywood fund raising, with stars like jamie foxx and eva longoria, the white house was careful to make sure the final image of president obama's three-day western swing was grit not glamour and glitz. in a predominant hispanic high school, and the pivotal battle
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ground. it will create jobs for construction workers in denver, and across colorado and across the country. there are schools throughout colorado in need of renovation. >> the president is facing resistance from top business leaders, like kent, the ceo of coca-cola who told the financial times, in many respects it's easier doing business in china, citing the the antiquated u.s. structure. and gridlock, that republicans bear responsible for as well. in new hampshire, long time advisor david axlerod told it will be a titanic struggle to get mr. obama reelected and perhaps no state reflects that struggle the rosiness of 2008 than reality of 2012, than colorado site of the triumphant, nominating convention. >> this moment in this election is our chance to keep in the 21st century the american promise alive. >> that helped propel mr. obama to a surprisingly large 9 point victory here
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over senator john mccain and now his approval rating here is dropping in a democratic leaning poll. at 51% in february, but dipped to 46% in august. with 50% disapproving of his job performance. colorado is significant in another way. that may show why the president is struggling to sell his latest economic plan. >> it's been two weeks since i said it to congress, now, i want it back. >> it was also here in denver, the president signed his 800 billion dollar stimulus plan into law. in february, 2009. with unemployment in the state was 7.4%, and it's actually gotten worse sips the stimulus, with unemployment now at 8.5% here. now, it's important to note, that's still lower than the national unemployment rate, but the president knows he has work to do, in states like here in colorado that he won in 2008. in fact, we're now hearing chatter he he may have another bus tour later this month in states like virginia and north carolina, again, states he
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carried last time. but turf he knows he's going to have to defend in the dog fight next year, bret. >> ed henry travelling with the president in colorado. thank you. we'll soon found out what kind of financial war chests are built by the republican presidential contenders. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports it will be the first indication of texas governor rick perry's appeal to the people with the big checkbooks. >> behind the scenes, rick perry and hundreds of g.o.p. money men fund raising since he joined the race a month and a half ago and mitt romney added his wife and so the roster, money is a key measure of momentum. for perry, friday's deadline is a test of g.o.p. donor, amplified by his rivals, romney's latest attack of perry in-state tuition for illegals in texas and voters who disagree. >> they've been brought there by no-fault of their own. i don't think you have a
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heart. >> perry has been a prolific fundraiser and texas governor and chairman of the republican governor's association, but joined the presidential race late when the quarter was half over, only been fund raising for seven weeks instead of three months. team perry is trying to lower expectations saying they will he' be happen with 10 million dollars. and the collecting anything over 15 million will be a triumph. perry asy tacking romney for denying his support are the are for the obama administration's race to the top when romney did so on tape. >> those are i think make some sense. >> that is not conservative. i'm sure exactly what he's saying. >> and he banked in the quarter and negative impact on fund raising and expected to raise at least 10 million dollars this time, but few will be surprised if he, too, breaks 15 million. some suggest perry's campaign mistakes may put cash in romney's coffers, but donors could keep their checkbooks closed. >> you can see this as another value and-- >> former governor huntsman
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broke double digits in the polls for the first time recently, he is know the expected to break double digits in fund raising. and herman cain scored an upset florida straw poll which could strike a windfall. michele bachmann won a straw poll in iowa more than a month ago and plummeted in the polls and new jersey governor chris christie making speeches and raising money in california and across the country. and the looks like the g.o.p.'s attempts to get him to run come up short and the governor's own brother says that a garden state governor will not run and though insiders say he's still listening, he's not been persuaded by the encouragement. look for a definitive statement. >> thank you, let's talk about money and other factors in the 2012 dynamics, brit hume joins me tonight. >> hi, bret. it's always worth keeping an eye on how much money presidential campaigns are raising for the simple reason that few candidates drop out because they think they will lose. they drop out because they run
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out of money and that's why it's also worth keeping an eye on polls. donors don't like to make bets on politicians with crumby poll numbers. public sentiment at this stage is soft and subject to sharp and sudden shifts and recent fortunes of michele bachmann attests, but she's still in the the race and could make a comeback, the function to something unique in the tee lex cycles. debates are put on and the costs are born by the sponsors and broadcasters, not the campaigns. costs little more than an airline ticket and hotel room to get on the same stage and gives long shot runners, like herman cain to have a brackout moment. he had one in florida, even if he hadn't he could have stayed in and beat everybody who appeared in the debates except tim pawlenty stayed in the race. some thought that debates would winnow the field and so far done the opposite at least
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six more before anybody casts a vote. that stage is likely to remain a crowded place, bret. >> what do you sense about president obama's efforts to go to the states that look a little friendly for him now? >> well, this whole effort he's making now, raises an interesting question, that is, can you, as president, campaign your way out of a political situation in which the circumstances in the country are against you? you know, i guess they looked to harry truman for inspiration, but the conditions in the country were not as adverse to harry truman although he was not popular, it didn't seem, as i think these are to president obama and may still be next year. >> all right, brit. thank you. >> you bet. the latest threat to shut down the federal government has passed. they've voted to fund through mid november and 1.27 billion dollars disaster relief bill to designed to keep the money flowing until the start of the new fiscal year saturday.
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the house is now on vacation and some members are expected back thursday to approve the measure. home prices meantime, were up in july for the fourth straight monh. the standard and poor's index showed prices rose in 17 of 20 major cities surveyed. stocks were up again today. the dow added 147. the s&p 500 gained 12 1/2. the nasdaq finished ahead 30. greece's financial minister says the country will receive its next installment of bailout money in time to avoid default. that's around 11 billion dollars. but the austerity measures, greece has undertaken to qualify for that money prompted more protests today by workers in the finance ministry. back in this country, many people blame president obama's health care law for some of of our economic troubles. an and those those people have one more reason to dislike the plan. correspondent shannon bream explains. >> as the legal battle over the president's health care law continues, the administration also has a new public relations battle on its hands. republican congressman tim
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huel's camp language in department of health and human services could require insurance companies to give your personal patient information to the government. hhs says, quote, in all cases patients privacy will be protected and any suggestions otherwise are false. but that point could be moot if the administration loses the looming legal battle expected at the supreme court. yesterday, the administration indicated it would abandon further appeals at the 11th circuit where it lost. and allow that case to proceed directly to the nation's highest court. >> we were pleasantly surprised and very excited. i mean, we do commend the administration for this decision. >> karen is with the national federation of independent business. one of the original parties to the 11th circuit decision which ruled that the health care laws individual mandate is unconstitutional. and today, pointed to repeated remarks by the president that uncertainty is hurting the u.s. business climate. she says unknowns about how the health care law could affect employers are driving that uncertainty.
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and believes the supreme court will ultimately rule begins the individual mandates. >> the government has been repeatedly asked if the individual mandate is allowed to stand, what product could congress not require you and me to purchase? the government is not able to answer that question. >> there is already one other health care challenge before the supreme court, though the justices have given no indication yet whether or not they will take that case. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> one of the president's top donors wants a cease-fire on class warfare, that's later in the grapevine. first, new evidence of possible pakistani involvement in the
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>> state department officials say israel's decision to resume building settlements in east jerusalem is counterproductive. israel granteded go ahead today of construction of 1100 new jewish housing units and
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu ruled out any freeze in settlement construction. and the first parliamentary elections since the ouster of hosni mubarak, voting for the people's assembly begins november 28th. elections for the less powerful council will be in late january. n.a.t.o. says that 200,000 libyan civilians are still threatened by forces loyal to muammar gaddafi and revolutionary forces say they've battled to the eastern outskirts of sirte, gaddafi's hometown and one of the last areas. and a station wagon, 16 people died including 11 children, the u.s. continues to fight in afghanistan, relations with neighboring pakistan are growing more tense. and national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that story from the pentagon. >> reporter: pakistani officials have pushed back at allegations their intelligence service, isi, was behind the
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june attack on the incontinental hotel and three months later the u.s. embassy in kabul, however, they tell fox they found the cell phone of the haqqani network and the phones shows the attackers were connected with the isi. >> the haqqani network acts as a veritable arm for pakistan's internal services intelligence agency. >> reporter: the u.s. government has stopped short of calling these incidents acts of war, but the state department is considering whether to list the haqqani network on its terror list. >> obviously, if the pakistani government chooses not to take actions, we would have to carefully consider how to proceed. >> reporter: instead, pakistani officials invited the chinese public security minister to islamabad sending a message to washington, that if the u.s. pulls back and cuts off aid, estimated at 5 billion dollars a year, others
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will fill the vacuum. allegations about pakistan's involvement in this double game go back to 2007, when major larry bagus was killed by a pakistani soldier during a meeting in pakistan's tribal areas. >> and be forever scarred by one event that occurred and the assassination of the major. and the 2nd airborne division. >> it's a shame, really, because, you know, the 82nd lost a great leader and the army lost a great soldier, and the world lost a great man. >> witnesses say there were indications of a broader pakistani plot it kill and kidnap more members of the 82nd airborne that day, the incident was downplayed by the u.s. government which did know the want to strain relations with pakistan, bret. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you iraq signed a deal to buy 3 billion dollars worth
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of fighters jets from the u.s. that will give them 18 planes in all and time with training. and iraq says last year it may still need u.s. help to patrol its air space until 2020. still ahead we'll take the temperature of the solar power
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>> the focus of the presidential campaign so far has been the economy and more specifically jobs and will likely continue that way. here to talk about that and other labor issues is the the president of the afl-cio, richard trumka. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me on, appreciate it. >> do you think that president obama has led on the issue of jobs. i think recently starting to lead more
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effectively and off into the notion of talking about debt ceiling and debt reduction, all of that stuff. and if you're going about the primary focus and number one issue on everybody's minds and that's jobs. i think he he made a very, very important step when he introduced the job back. i think that's a necessary step for us to start the national conversation about jobs and ending the jobs crisis. >> bret: at one point you said you were frustrated and upset and that the white house was making strategic mistakes. you're past that now? >> well, we'll see about the results of it. he he said he was going to fight the president's bill,'s been doing that and introduce add bill an important first step going from city to city, talking about the necessity for job creation and putting the focus on jobs what every worker in america wants, the focus on jobs creation. >> bret: how are you obligated to president obama in this re'lex effort. >> how obligated. >> bret: how committed is your organization to helping him
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financially? you've been talking about being more independent with your money and using it differently than perhaps in years past. is that true? >> well, we are going to be more independent. we're going to be more independent because we're going to build a structure that speaks for working people. union people and hopefully nonunion people as well, to get their interests out front. so, that every dollar we put into our structure will have it there to help workers afterwards and after the election, unlike in the past, we'll keep our structure in place to be able to go from electoral politics to advocacy to accountability seamlessly. >> bret: not necessarily directly to the democratic party. >> some will, some won't. we'll do a lot more of our own, building our's talk about jobs bill and specifically the taxes part. here was president obama in 2009 and what he was saying about raising taxes. >> the last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the
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middle of a recession because that would suck up, take more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole. >> bret: what do you think has changed now? >> i think he's finally come to his senses about, about that. look, the rich have been getting away with a lot for a long time and haven't been paying their fair share. if we're ever going to get out of this hole. ever going to reduce the deficits and create jobs, they have to pay their fair share and now is the time for them to do that. i think the cbo said that if the bush tax cuts expire, the deficit would get cut in half over the next five years, and that's a significant step. >> well, the irs says that 1% of households pay 38% of federal income taxes and the top 10% of households pay 70% of federal income taxes, and then you have the estimate that 47%, roughly, of households pay zero federal income taxes, so, is that not paying a fair share? >> well, i think you're paying a less share than they have
1:24 am
been in the past. and there's more of the loopholes that have been built into this thing, and you have corporations that are paying less, rich people are paying less, they're paying less than when bill clinton was creating hundreds in thousands in jobs every month. >> bret: what's the future of labor? >> i think we've got a bright future. we were attacked this year in a number of the states by people like scott walker and john kasich and things like that trying to take away collective bargaining rights, but we've been trying to have a debate about collective bargaining tore ten years and difficult to have. he gave us the debate and the the good news is we're winning it. most americans, 70-some percent of americans think workers should have the right to collective bargaining. our wages have been stagnating and they know that the wage gap has been growing and that the rich are doing exceptionally well, but the average american is getting behind and they need collective bargaining so they can get a little bit more and so that they can create demand by wages and by-- >> in wisconsin you lost that
1:25 am
battle. >> didn't lose at that battle, quite contrary we didn't lose it the at all. we had, in 2008 president obama won wisconsin by 14 points. and the 6 people that we recalled won by a like number. they were the six strongest republican districts in that state we took two of them out. overall 49% plus votes, percent of the votes in those six strong republican districts and we lost a little bit, but we took two of them out. that means, that 49, only 40 or 50 plus 1% of the republicans in that state or those districts really think that they ought to take away collective bargaining. >> bret: governor walker peace plan is still intact. >> he temporarily. >> bret: you're saying you have more work to do. >> no, here is what else happened. we organized nine new hospitals and brought 30,000 new members into working america and we're actually
1:26 am
bigger and stronger right now than before he started overreaching. >> bret: and the president's free trade deals with colombia, south korea and panama, you have sent a letter up about colombia, specifically, listing names of 22 union leaders who have been killed in colombia. and first of all, do you think-- do you think this will be passed, number one, and number two, will democrats who sign on to this, and vote for it, will they have to pay with your group or will you go after them in elections around the country? >> not just my group. they'll have to pay with workers. the vast american public, vast majority of the american public know that these trade bills that we've been negotiating haven't been good for the country. they've cost us jobs, millions of jobs, south korea will cost us 159,000 jobs. colombia will cost us 55,000 jobs, but, last year, they assassinated, not accidentally
1:27 am
killed, they assassinated 51 trade unionists, if 51 ceo's had been assassinated last year, i don't think many people would be talking about a trade bill with colombia and we think-- >> and this president almost every stop-- >> we think that the trade unionists are every bit as important as ceo's and we will fight him, by the way, because the bills are bad for the country. >> bret: and you'll fight that tooth and nail? >> yes, we will. >> bret: okay, mr. trumka, thank you very much, appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me on. >> bret: a labor of love from arnold schwarzenegger to himself. we'll tell you about it in the grapevine. and one of president obama's big money supporters says he's let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp...
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>> middle class families shouldn't pay higher tax rates than millionaires and billionaires. republicans in congress call this class warfare, you know what? if asking a millionaire to pay the same tax rate as a plumber makes me a class warrior, a warrior for the working class, i will accept that. i will wear that charge with a badge ever honor. >> bret: president obama today out in colorado campaigning as he has been and fund raising and this comes as he faces some opposition from top business leaders, as well. and the ceo of coca-cola, muktar kent says in many ways it's easier to do business in china and antiquated tax structure and gridlock that republicans bear some responsibility for as well. what about all of this in the finding jobs. bill kristol, mara liasson,
1:40 am
national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, bill shall the president's push. >> he's going around the country giving speeches, but i think he has to actually do something, sign legislation at that will plausibly improve the job situation. what do leaders want, certainty about the tax code, fewer regulations. what are they getting in more demagoguery making the rich way more and the actual proposal would make everyone pay more, isn't that right and more regulations apparently. and so taking congressional efforts to curb regulation, he'd be much better off a year from now, didn't give any speeches, work out with a republican leaders and freezing the bill citing regulations and improve and taking credit for if. >> bret: we're seeing the president shore up the base and hammer it home. there's no prospects of this jobs bill actually moving
1:41 am
along in congress. certainly not in its entirety. i think it's possible although it's hard to imagine the republicans would want to extend the employee and employer now payroll tax cuts. i don't know if they'll, i don't think they want taxes to go up on employees and employers at the end of the year. but i do think it's really tough. the president wants to blame the republicans for blocking his plan, but i do think the economy is what's pulling him down and as for what bill said. i think that businesses aren't hiring, not just because there are regulations out there and they want certainty about the tax code. they also don't see demand. the economy is really bad and that's why. >> bret: charles, i want to play another sound bite, an interview that the president gave with bet last night. >> in the first year or so, we spent a lot of time just doing the right thing. and not wearing about selling what we were doing. and i think that the more you're in this office, the more you have to say to
1:42 am
yourself that telling a story to the american people is just as important as the actual policies that you're implementing. and they've got to have a sense of where it is that we're going to go. particularly during hard times. >> bret: charles? >> that's amazing. i mean, i would call it dilutional if i thought he believed it. he's telling us that he didn't spend enough time selling or doing the right thing which he meant obamacare spent a year and a half on. he gave what, 38 speeches, i lost count approach to 40. he was out there all the time. he sold it on television, he sold is it in joint session of congress and tried to sell it everywhere. the dogs didn't like the dog food. that's simply a fact. the idea that somehow he hasn't been arguing enough, showing up on television enough, is hilarious, right now he proposed a bill
1:43 am
ostensibly about jobs, he knows is not going to pass. and even keynesian would object to. and a bill that doesn't do anything about debt and half of the cuts surge in afghanistan and iraq for another ten years and we're out of iraq in thee months. these are f. an rcikal attempts at legislation and he's intent on doing the right thing passing the bills that he hasn't been selling enough. all he's doing is selling. even the joint address to congress ostensibly about jobs was a selling job. there wasn't a job about getting a bill passed. >> bret: what about showing up in this bill, you heard richard trumka here saying he he has problems with the ways the white house operated. i didn't ask him which republican afl-cio will support at this time, maybe i should have. clearly they're less enthused. >> you didn't have to ask him because the answer is almost
1:44 am
zero and that would be zero in any place. i know white houses, i've been there, talked into you've got to shore up the base and be energized, it's 16 months to the election, they'll be fine. when there's either a texas conservative governor from texas, or a pluto krattic as they'll put it, governor of massachusetts, both of whom-- and they will he be plenty fired up, october, november next year and always a mistake when the white houses go and you know, spend a lot of time with the base and totally interpreting, sounds like 2004, with what the conventional wisdom is, was a base selection and mobilized that base. what did president bush do in 2003, 2004, he he moved to the center and signed the medicare part d. ask john kerry how 2004 looks if they could attack george bush if they could attack on in the helping the elderly and not giving them prescription drugs. and bush, and complaining
1:45 am
about president bush, spent too much money and all of that, an attempt to also get some independents and i think, so, i think it's a big mistake with his point of view. >> he tried to did that, tried to move to the center. tried to get a grand bargain, and show with the republicans and the right thing to do and help the economy. and he did that because it got independent voters like that. number one, he didn't get the deal, but number two, acting conciliatory and willing to compromise also didn't get him the support of independents. but surely, the latest rhetoric is not shoring up independents. >> no, no, certainly not. i have to assume that they feel the first order of business is to shore up their base, which shows you how weak he is if that's actually the case. and then, work on independent voters. >> so i guess the question is, charles, is there enough time if he spends this time out firing up the base, to come back to the center, and with the election, you know, as we we've mentioned 13 plus months
1:46 am
away? >> yeah, i think there will be enough time and is he going to have any substance and supposed centrism. mara spoke about appearing to be conciliatory. that's all these negotiations were about on the debt ceiling. he wanted to appear, said i'm ready to discuss cuts in entitlements, always he's ready to discuss, but has he ever put a cut in entitlements on the table, in a speech, in a budget. no. he tried to appear as a centrist, clinton did it in '96 because he was intrinsically a center left democrat. obama is not. he's not center left, he's left. it's all show, it's not reality with him. >> bret: next up, dif
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>> the haqqani network for one acts as a veritable arm for pakistan's internal services intelligence agency. with isi support, haqqani operatives planned and conduct that had bomb attack as well as assault on our embassy. >> we have serious concerns about the haqqani network. we have to work on it together with the pakistani government. obviously, if the pakistani government chooses not to take action, we would have to carefully consider how to proce proceed. >> bret: well, pakistani officials have pushed back directly on allegations, specifically from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff that the isi, their intelligence service, was behind the haqqani network, this criminal network's attacks on the inter-continental hotel in june and then three months later on the u.s. embassy in kabul, but fox sources tell us
1:51 am
that the defense officials now say they've found cell phones in which directly tie from those attacks to pakistani intelligence service. what about this? back with the panel, bill? >> i think it's a big deal with mike mullen, the outgoing chairman of the joint chief of staffs says. he's a proponent with the argument with the pakistan any military. we've depended on the pakistanis to get goods to our military in afghanistan and over the last year, but for mullen to come out in validictory appearance in congress and point the finger at the haqqani network and isi, intelligence services of pakistan and close cooperation with them, that was a big moment. i do nowhink the administration is going to have to follow through and do certain things. >> bret: at what point, mara, are the acts of war, if we have direct intelligence tying the pakistani government to attacks on u.s. assets and troops in afghanistan? >> well, it certainly looks like pakistan is acting more like an enemy than an ally, but it's complicated because
1:52 am
this is one part of the pakistani government supposedly, we're cooperating wanother part of the pakistani department of the, the isi, is supporting terrorists who attack us, so it's pretty complicated, but it sounds like that's, yet, another reason we have to get afghanistan stable because we need a place to have bases so we can deal with the real problem in that region, which turns out to be pakistan. >> bret: charles? >> this is a complete shift in consensual thinking here. we went into the the war with afghanistan with pakistan our ally against al-qaeda and terrorists and taliban, under musharaff in the early years said to the the pakistanis, you'll be our allies, ultimatum by the bush administration or we're going to bomb you back into the the stone age. they were our allies. over the decade, those who were pro american have been weakened within pakistan and now, the paradox is that afghanistan is our base for keeping an eye on and attacking our enemies in
1:53 am
pakistan, namely haqqani and the other terrorists who are in the northern, northwestern frontier regions. so, rather than thinking of pakistan as an ally against afghanistan, afghanistan, for all of its instability and the hostility that america has been facing there, is the base from which we keep an eye on the bad fwie in the the region, an interesting and almost paradoxical reason for continuing our presence in afghanistan. it's a new one, but a serious one. >> bret: u.s. estimated to give pakistan roughly 5 billion dollars a year in aid. there are now calls to pull back that aid, based on this intelligence specifically. bill, the pakistanis have invited the chinese public security minister to islam bad to show if you pull out others will fill the void. >> they have he been bluffing or threatening that for years and we've continued to roll over for them. the administration having said what it said, and admiral
1:54 am
mullen and others, if we do not follow through with serious consequences what's happened then we're weaker than ever. there needs to be cuts in aid or military action against haqqani-- in the past almost all the strikes we've gotten. not only the bin laden raid was the thing that broke the military's sort of back in terms of being able to defend the pakistani military and the fact that they were shielding bin laden itself right there in pakistan. what was it 30 miles away from the pakistani west point. yeah, i mean, that really sort of, something snapped at that point and i think you have to be actions to follow the words. don't forget, this is something that obama said he could do if we have actionable intelligence and pakistan doesn't cooperate works we're going to unilaterally erate and he did it and if he means what he says. >> bret: should we pull foreign aid. >> one that we could do, the
1:55 am
pakistanis ostentaciously asking the chinese to make a visit. than would be demarche to us with the indians, send ago high level delegation to india to discuss regional issues, that will scare the pakistanis, the one enemy they worry about above all. showing the beginning of a new kind of alliance between america and india, i think, would probably make the pakistanis think twice about opposing us and a tight alliance with china. >> bret: quick answer, foreign aid cut or not? >> i would do it, i'm not sure it will end up being our policy. >> i think there will be a the lot of support for that in congress, in this country. >> yeah, some of the aid i think will get cut. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how the white house has stepped up the pressure on republican pressure on republican lawmakers. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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>> finally tonight, president obama last week went after janer and mitch mcconnell during a speech in ohio and it seems the president has really stepped up his rhetoric and actions. >> the bridge behind us happens to connect the state that's home to the speaker of the house with the home state of the republican leader in the senate. >> thanks for letting us into your home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and on the front g g g g g g g g g g g. i'll see you tomorrow from new york. here is mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i promise you i would work tirelessly to fix our broken immigration system and make the dream


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